41 (Inspiring) Mirrors for Interior Design

Abigail Ahern Interior

Interior design ideas are the core of our business.

Reflecting Design works with many Interior Design professionals. Busy as they are, we do not always see the great images they produce for their own portfolios. Sadly for us, we learn sometimes late in the day about a nice piece of editorial coverage, a beautiful room, or a stunning hotel installation. Thankfully, we stumble across these images eventually.

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Abigail Ahern

Interior Designer, Designer, Blogger Shop Owner

United Kingdom

This is the Lola convex mirror in a Black Grain finish. The outside diameter is 46 inches, or 117 cm, and it stands off the wall 5 1/2 and 14, inches and centimeters respectively. There are many photographs of this mirror above this mantle in the home Abigail Ahern shares with husband Graham Scott. Each one has a uniquely pleasing mood. When it comes to color in interior design Abigail is as skilled and tasteful as any. In this instance Graham Atkins Hughes photographic talent adds significantly.

Casa Botelho

United Kingdom

The Inspiration

The Interior Designer

João Botelho has enjoyed a formidable career. It began 22 years ago with a prestigious Brazilian brand in his hometown, Belo Horizonte. Since then, João has worked for Harvey Nichols, Nicole Farhi and Jasper Conran, opening Jasper Conran’s flagship Mayfair store in 2004. He joined Donna Karan New York in 2000.

Desire To Inspire

This photo series epitomizes my experience at Reflecting Design. We were thrilled to get the cover of Livingetc, the UK based interiors magazine. Little did we know that a series of images existed around the magazine shoot. 🙁

The interesting thing about the photo here above and below is how the smallest amount of colour has in my mind created a more congenial feeling. Imagine white armchairs – which is a common design choice in the circumstances. Interestingly the brick echoes the yellow colour so effectively.

Note the chandeliers here are lit up.

The Armchairs

An Interior Designers pleasure… styled alternates.

And now for something completely different.

All images in this section: Casa Botelho and Livingetc UK

 The Thief Boutique Hotel

Oslo Norway

Tjuvholmen (Thief Islet) used to be a haven for smugglers, thieves and scoundrels. Today it is home to THE THIEF, a modern hideaway – right in the middle of downtown Oslo. If anything gets stolen there nowadays, it’s usually us stealing our guests away from their everyday lives.

Meyer Davis

Le Meridien Hotel

New Orleans Louisiana

Meyer Davis is a globally recognized design boutique founded by Will Meyer and Gray Davis.

Meyer Davis believes that great design works on multiple levels, weaving together bold design moves and striking details to ensure that when completed, each project makes an immediate and lasting impact.

Reflecting Design provided the Pazzo 38 in a Bone White finish to focus the Lobby Front Desk. The effect – Guests metaphorically falling into the mirror reflection, compliments Meyer Davis concept on a welcoming experience.

Suszi Saunders, Blogger and Interior Taste-maker

United Kingdom

A Bizari convex mirror from the large mirror collection by Reflecting Design, designed by Matthew Buck. The mirror shown here is in an Antique Gold finish with a convex mirror lens.

Suszi Saunders is a UK based blogger / stylist. She has an aesthetic I easily related to – casual, stylish, with a comfortably hip mood. I was very pleased to come across these photos. It is an interesting fact in that UK base decorators and home-owners lean heavily towards the large round wall mirror options sold by Reflecting Design. They buy in to the wow factor and ambiance of the convex lens. The bigger the better.

A Lola convex mirror from the large mirror collection by Reflecting Design.


A Lola convex mirror above a fireplace mantle. See my blog post ‘Mirrors and Mantles’ if you want to see more examples of convex mirrors above fireplace mantles.

A Lola convex mirror from the large mirror collection by Reflecting Design, designed by Matthew Buck. Interior styled by Suszi Saunders, an interior enthusiast and blogger in London, United Kingdom


Large Gold Flat Mirror above a fireplace mantle. Interesting to compare the flat mirror with the convex option above.


Cyndie Jerome, Interior Designer

Gilford Ontario

An Antique Gold Dorian, 24 inch, convex mirror. Personally, I love this colour although it is not the most popular in my line – too old world maybe? The finish is a leaf metal and it is very handsome. Visit the Convex Mirrors selector and see Antique Gold under the Dorian thumb.

Arzu Kartal, Interior Designer

Hamburg Germany

The metallic colour palette here is very pleasing.

Gillian Gillies, Interior Designer


Interior Decorator, Interior Designer, is there a difference? Well, yes. Interior Decorating is about look and styling. Designers on the other hand have this skill set, but furthermore, a greater understanding of functionality, materials and planning.  Gillian Gillies is definitely a designer. One sees in her portfolio a consideration of space planning, use and movement always.

Design Vision Studio

Plantation, Shop

Los Angeles, San Francisco, Seattle

Plantation is great client/retailer of Reflecting Design. There are three shops and an online store, well worth checking out for our mirrors and much more.

Forchielli Glynn, Interior Designers

Los Angeles

Residential and Commercial Interior Design are areas of expertise for Forchielli Glynn. Friends and business partners Cynthia Forchielli and Helen Glynn have 20 years experience working together. Their designs exude confidence and style.  The photo here is one from the Los Angeles restaurant Olivers, at Grafton on Sunset. This photo comes from Yelp. A diner found the ambiance suitably satisfying that they posted this photo for all to see.


This is a Bizari in Pewter finish. The frames is 40 inches OD. The location is London England, but little else is know about the designer/decorator. Let us know if you do.

A. Jennison Interiors, Interior Designer

New York City

Alison Jennison is A. Jennison Interiors. She works throughout the New York City area excelling in residential design.

Kelly McGuill, Interior Designer


Milward Teverini, Interior Designers

United Kingdom



The Lola in Bone White

Ty Larkins, Interior Designer and Shop Owner

Baton Rouge Louisiana

A large round mirror placed in a dining room above a fireplace mantle in an interior designed by Ty Larkins. The mirror is a decorative convex mirror from Reflecting Design and designed by Matthew Buck


Two Corinth Decorative Convex Mirrors hanging one above the other in an interior by Baton Rouge based interior designer Ty Larkins. Mirrors are designed by Matthew Buck. Mirror frame colour pictured is Black Grain.

Two Corinth Decorative Convex Mirrors hanging one above the other in an interior by Baton Rouge based interior designer Ty Larkins.

A kitchen / dining room is a fine place for a convex wall mirror although the mirror in this interior design is sadly competing with that nice chandelier.

The Author: Matthew Buck is the creative energy behind Reflecting Design and Odlum Entrance.

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