Reflecting Design | Odlum Entrance are two mirror brands. The first passion for both is a line of decorative convex mirrors for residential and commercial interior design. Convex mirrors have a nice ‘energy’ – they are more outward looking than flat mirrors, more about the room than the person. In a very agreeable way they have a warm and engaging presence, somewhat similar in ways to a piece of art – they are essentially for pleasure, something to experience.

Reflecting Design | Odlum Entrance are based in Vancouver British Columbia Canada, with distribution centres in Canada and the United Kingdom. The two entities are guided in design and business by the creative Matthew Buck. Odlum Entrance represents the large mirrors in the design collection.

Demand has encouraged the happy introduction of the convex mirror frame collection with a flat mirror option. Flat mirrors are practical serving well as a vanity or bathroom mirror among all other applications. As a business one needs to be open minded although our great love is convex.

Round mirrors carry a feminine sensibility and Reflecting Design promotes both collections as offering this quality to an interior design.

“So much of modern architecture is hard lines, right angles and square geometry… a curve offers some emotional relief from what might easily become ‘Brutalist’ by design. Obviously architects are aware of this themselves as they strive to bring curves and the organic into their work” – Matthew Buck

Consider a large convex mirror or a round mirror for your interior – you will be pleased.