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Arcavia – Piping

Arcavia – Piping Very pleased to present the Arcavia in a new theme – Piping. This example is red piping. Arcavia in Shop    

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New Residential Gallery Collection

New Residential Gallery Collection We have rebuilt the Residential Gallery section of our website. The intention was a more efficient and direct avenue to our image catalogue. Reflecting Design has hundreds of editorial photos to help you image and consider

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Reflecting Design Marie Kondo Interior Design

Marie Kondo – Is She Relevant To Interior Design?   Given the popularity of Marie Kondo and her bestselling book about ‘tidying’ and ‘de-cluttering’; The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, one might wonder, is there a takeaway here for furniture,

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Evolution of a Design – Arcavia

Conceptual Product Design comes with a technical challenge – how to make the prototype or ’tool’. Prototypes can be technically challenging, expensive and time consuming to produce. It is not always clear how to design or what practical approach to

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Stella Arcavia New Photography

Stella + Arcavia STELLA – Pewter STELLA – Antique Brass Specifications – STELLA Stella is an exciting new addition to the frame collection from Reflecting Design. Additionally, Stella represents a first; along with the new Arcavia frame, Reflecting Design is

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The Spirit of a Circle

There are two features at play in a convex mirror that produce a kind of dramatic experience, a kind of spiritual moment. It is a kind of experience similar to what one might find in a piece of art. An experience that has an emotional and spiritual dimension. And it is the combination of these features that elevates a convex mirror beyond a purely material or decorative object, offering something substantially significant to a room – mood.

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Is “Luxury” A Worn Out Word?

The word ‘luxury’ seems inescapable in marketing. If a thing is any good, someone is trying somehow to associate it with luxury or luxury living. Brands attach celebrities to sell products, ideas, experiences. Celebrities represent the soft life; primped, preened,

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Something New In Mirror Design

You Think There Is Nothing New In Mirror Design You Are Mostly Right But Now You Are Wrong August 8, 2018 Convex Mirrors Always The Best Choice For A Living Room Mirror Stella and Arcavia

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31 1/4 Things To Make an Interior Interesting

We have all seen the lists; ‘the best new…’the must haves…’, “the 100 top…” What about something including the quality ‘interesting’ ?
There are things that make a home or interior attractive and others that make life in it interesting.

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41 (Inspiring) Mirrors for Interior Design

Interior design ideas are the core of our business. Reflecting Design works with many Interior Design professionals. Busy as they are, we do not always see the great images they produce for their own portfolios. Sadly for us, we learn

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ILYRIAN – April 2018 SALE

image of Ilyrian convex mirror in all colours options; Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White., Pewter

Ilyrian Decorative Convex Mirror On Sale Until April 26 Stock Limited – Colours Available – Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White, Pewter   CONTACT US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS VISIT OUR SHOP    

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Corinth – Decorative Convex Mirror

Corinth Decorative Convex Mirror in Bone White

A History Corinth is a 33 inch diameter decorative convex mirror designed in house by Matthew Buck. It was the first design created in the development of my convex mirror line. It was an auspicious start. It is an exemplary

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Sometimes I come across a picture that so well represents the spirit of my work that I feels the difficulties are worthwhile…

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Overwhelmingly White

Why is white the wall colour of choice in so much residential interior design? What does this say about women assuming reasonably they are the prime-movers in these decisions. Working alone, or together with their interior designer, a sector where over 65% are women, white walls dominate. Why?

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FlipBook Product Catalogues

We want to know how best to communicate and provide you access to our product catalogue. Do you like to use Flipbook product catalogues?

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