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Evolution of a Design – Arcavia

Conceptual Product Design comes with a technical challenge – how to make the prototype or ’tool’. Prototypes can be technically challenging, expensive and time consuming to produce. It is not always clear how to design or what practical approach to

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Stella and Arcavia – GRAND RELEASE

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Two New Mirror Designs Stella & Arcavia Decorative Convex Mirror | Beveled Flat Mirror Matthew Buck Reflecting Design is pleased to introduce two new mirror frame designs now available in the reflectingdesign | odlum entrance collection. We

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Something New In Mirror Design

You Think There Is Nothing New In Mirror Design You Are Mostly Right But Now You Are Wrong August 8, 2018 Convex Mirrors Always The Best Choice For A Living Room Mirror Stella and Arcavia

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Introducing Flat Mirrors

Going Flat… Reflecting Design is pleased to announce that we are now offering a flat mirror option with all our frame designs. There has been demand from our clients wanting flat mirrors. We have now established a formal supplier who

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How Convex Mirrors Compare to Flat Mirrors

LETS COMPARE A CONVEX MIRROR TO A FLAT MIRROR While I certainly appreciate the flat mirror frame design pictured here there is quite a difference in the mirror reflection and in the circumstances the convex mirror wins hands down. i

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