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Reflecting Design Marie Kondo Interior Design

Marie Kondo – Is She Relevant To Interior Design?   Given the popularity of Marie Kondo and her bestselling book about ‘tidying’ and ‘de-cluttering’; The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, one might wonder, is there a takeaway here for furniture,

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The Spirit of a Circle

There are two features at play in a convex mirror that produce a kind of dramatic experience, a kind of spiritual moment. It is a kind of experience similar to what one might find in a piece of art. An experience that has an emotional and spiritual dimension. And it is the combination of these features that elevates a convex mirror beyond a purely material or decorative object, offering something substantially significant to a room – mood.

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31 1/4 Things To Make an Interior Interesting

We have all seen the lists; ‘the best new…’the must haves…’, “the 100 top…” What about something including the quality ‘interesting’ ?
There are things that make a home or interior attractive and others that make life in it interesting.

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41 (Inspiring) Mirrors for Interior Design

Interior design ideas are the core of our business. Reflecting Design works with many Interior Design professionals. Busy as they are, we do not always see the great images they produce for their own portfolios. Sadly for us, we learn

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Sometimes I come across a picture that so well represents the spirit of my work that I feels the difficulties are worthwhile…

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Overwhelmingly White

Why is white the wall colour of choice in so much residential interior design? What does this say about women assuming reasonably they are the prime-movers in these decisions. Working alone, or together with their interior designer, a sector where over 65% are women, white walls dominate. Why?

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Your Opinion – Mantles and Televisions

image of a large Lola convex mirror above a fireplace with a split screen comparison of a television above a fireplace mantle

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION? Do televisions kill the spirit of a fireplace? Interior Designer Professionals compared to Non-Professionals Vote Now (anonymous poll) WHICH DO YOU PREFER? COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE MORE TO SAY.

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Mirrors and Mantles

19 Fireplace Mantle Mirror Options. Look at this Gallery if you are looking something to put over your fireplace mantle. Convex or Flat. That is the question?

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Interior Designer Simon James Bartley and Convex

Simon James Bartley | Interior Designer SJ Design was founded in 1996. It has now established itself as an interior designer of the commercial interiors, specializing in restaurant design. Currently they have completed over 200 successful projects – cafes, restaurants,

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Oxford White at Reflecting Design

Reflecting Design and Odlum Entrance are updating their white frame colours. The change is in fact the addition of Oxford White to the standard colour palette. The white colours now available are: Bone White : see Benjamin Moore OC-114, Lemon

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Why Choose A Convex Mirror For A Fireplace Mantle?

Why Convex Is Best above a Mantle. In it many forms a mantlepiece creates an architectural focal point in a room. Mantles set the stage for what comes above. They break a wall span, producing a frame for something significant.

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Lens House London

Lens House London Shortlisted for the 2014 Manser Medal is this conversion of a derelict nineteenth century house in north London. A home, a workspace, when it came time to decorating the client specified a 40 inch Bizari mirror. Here

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Michelle Morgan Harrison and Convex Mirrors

Reflecting Design has worked with Michelle Morgan Harrison / Morgan Harrison Home on many projects over the years. Here are some serene interiors from Michelle and her team, including interior designers Marcia Noble and Traci Gallagher. There is subtle tonality

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Bathroom Mirrors

It is well known Reflecting Design loves convex mirrors. What is less well know is that the mirror frame collection designed by Matthew Buck is available with a flat mirror option. Flat mirror provides the kind of practicality one wants

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More on.. How To Select A Large Convex Mirror

Exhibit #1: HOW TO SELECT A LARGE MIRROR Wonderful! A large Lola Convex Mirror. Perfect size for the space. The statement residential mirrors – Lola, Chromo, Rohana. You can see how even at an oblique angle the convex mirror is

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