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Evolution of a Design – Arcavia

Conceptual Product Design comes with a technical challenge – how to make the prototype or ’tool’. Prototypes can be technically challenging, expensive and time consuming to produce. It is not always clear how to design or what practical approach to

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Stella Arcavia New Photography

Stella + Arcavia STELLA – Pewter STELLA – Antique Brass Specifications – STELLA Stella is an exciting new addition to the frame collection from Reflecting Design. Additionally, Stella represents a first; along with the new Arcavia frame, Reflecting Design is

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31 1/4 Things To Make an Interior Interesting

We have all seen the lists; ‘the best new…’the must haves…’, “the 100 top…” What about something including the quality ‘interesting’ ?
There are things that make a home or interior attractive and others that make life in it interesting.

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