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Reflecting Design Marie Kondo Interior Design

Marie Kondo – Is She Relevant To Interior Design?   Given the popularity of Marie Kondo and her bestselling book about ‘tidying’ and ‘de-cluttering’; The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, one might wonder, is there a takeaway here for furniture,

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The Spirit of a Circle

There are two features at play in a convex mirror that produce a kind of dramatic experience, a kind of spiritual moment. It is a kind of experience similar to what one might find in a piece of art. An experience that has an emotional and spiritual dimension. And it is the combination of these features that elevates a convex mirror beyond a purely material or decorative object, offering something substantially significant to a room – mood.

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Is “Luxury” A Worn Out Word?

The word ‘luxury’ seems inescapable in marketing. If a thing is any good, someone is trying somehow to associate it with luxury or luxury living. Brands attach celebrities to sell products, ideas, experiences. Celebrities represent the soft life; primped, preened,

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Overwhelmingly White

Why is white the wall colour of choice in so much residential interior design? What does this say about women assuming reasonably they are the prime-movers in these decisions. Working alone, or together with their interior designer, a sector where over 65% are women, white walls dominate. Why?

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FlipBook Product Catalogues

We want to know how best to communicate and provide you access to our product catalogue. Do you like to use Flipbook product catalogues?

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Your Opinion – Mantles and Televisions

image of a large Lola convex mirror above a fireplace with a split screen comparison of a television above a fireplace mantle

WHAT IS YOUR OPINION? Do televisions kill the spirit of a fireplace? Interior Designer Professionals compared to Non-Professionals Vote Now (anonymous poll) WHICH DO YOU PREFER? COMMENT BELOW IF YOU HAVE MORE TO SAY.

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Narcissus and Large Round Mirrors

In Greek literature Narcissus was known for his beauty. He was attracted to the pool where he saw his own mirror image in the water and fell in love with it. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, he stared at it until he died. What did Narcissus really fall in love with? His beauty or his identity? The story suggests he did not live with a mirror. Perhaps his love grew from the knowledge of his own identity. He had effectively found himself.

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Mirrors and Mantles

19 Fireplace Mantle Mirror Options. Look at this Gallery if you are looking something to put over your fireplace mantle. Convex or Flat. That is the question?

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Why Choose A Convex Mirror For A Fireplace Mantle?

Why Convex Is Best above a Mantle. In it many forms a mantlepiece creates an architectural focal point in a room. Mantles set the stage for what comes above. They break a wall span, producing a frame for something significant.

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Why Acrylic Convex Mirrors Are Better Than Glass

A distorted convex mirror reflection is no fun. This kind of distortion can be chasing along the perimeter, stretching of the x,y geometry or otherwise the look of an inconsistent geometry – flatter in the center than the edge. It

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Why Frame Design Nose-dived. Part 2

Further to the comment – Why Frame Design Nose-dived. It is a bit of an exaggeration to make such a claim as a general observation – I admit, this title is somewhat insincere – that’s the internet. What is not

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Why Mirror Frame Design Nose-dived.

You have probably noticed that most grand mirror and picture frames are old – generally. You usually find them wrapped around art in museums. Back in time everything was made by hand and crafts-people were everywhere. Designers and crafts-people liked

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How Convex Mirrors Compare to Flat Mirrors

LETS COMPARE A CONVEX MIRROR TO A FLAT MIRROR While I certainly appreciate the flat mirror frame design pictured here there is quite a difference in the mirror reflection and in the circumstances the convex mirror wins hands down. i

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