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Residential – Sketch Drawings

Drawings and Profiles It is not always easy to understand a frame design from a picture. Even then, unless you get up close and try to understand what is going on a lot of the design complexity or sophistication can

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Residential – Dining Rooms

Dining Rooms Dining rooms like Living Rooms are about ambience. These rooms are social centers, where we meet family and friends, where we go to think, talk, slow down and relax. Mirrors are purely decorative, employed for effect as pure

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Residential – Large Convex Mirrors

LARGE CONVEX MIRRORS “Large Convex Mirrors” is one thing that separates Reflecting Design from other convex mirror dealers. There are three mirrors; Lola, Chromo, Rohana, with diameters of approximately 48 inches / 122 centimeters. There are also two smaller mirrors,

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Residential – Bathrooms

Bathrooms Admittedly a bathroom is not the first place you would think to put a convex mirror, nonetheless, the two examples here demonstrate a level of sophistication and success we can all appreciate. The modern piece elevates the style of

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Residential – Colourful Rooms

Colorful Living Rooms            

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Residential – Mantles

Convex Mirrors and Mantles Reflecting Design has a definitive opinion on convex mirrors and mantles – they are perfect together. Over the years we have promoted convex mirrors to restaurant designers. Our point here is that in a situation where

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Residential – Medium Sized Mirrors

Medium Size Mirrors Reflecting Design has mirrors in the following inch diameters: 24, 27, 29, 33, 37, 38, 40, 44, 46, 48 Medium Sized mirrors are all below 37 inches inclusive. These are Dorian (24), Pazzo 27 (27), Cruyf (29),

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Residential – Office and Study

Study and Home Office This gallery contains 11 images under the Study and Home Office setting. Truthfully, some of them, I am not sure what kind of room it is, however, they feel like one or the other. Either way,

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Residential – Bedrooms

Bedrooms We are flattered to be let into the bedrooms of strangers 🙂 Cheekiness aside, a convex mirror lends atmosphere to any room, bedrooms included. Here is a selection of bedroom designs including convex mirrors from Reflecting Design. At the

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Residential – Hallways

Hallways Convex mirrors are very effective decorating elements in hallways. Whether your hallway is large or small, you choose a large or small mirror, the visual experience can be quite pleasing. Sometimes the forced proximity can find the subject immersed

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Residential – Dark Rooms

Convex Mirrors and Dark Rooms There are Dark Rooms and Light Rooms. Curiously there is a cultural divide between the two – Europeans have a greater interest in dark rooms than North Americans, North Americans have a great affinity to

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Residential – White Rooms

White Rooms This gallery shows many examples of white rooms and convex mirrors. If white is your aesthetic and you are thinking of a mirror then check this out.                      

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Residential Convex Mirrors Image Gallery

Residential Image Gallery (mouse over the image and click on the title to select)

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