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Convex Mirrors and Dark Rooms

There are Dark Rooms and Light Rooms. Curiously there is a cultural divide between the two – Europeans have a greater interest in dark rooms than North Americans, North Americans have a great affinity to white rooms than Europeans. Of course this is not to say each does not like the other. Whether it is a question of architecture – higher ceilings, or something else that accounts for this idiosyncrasy is a debate. Perhaps it is the influence of paint company Farrow and Ball – famous for the austere historical tones, rather than Benjamin Moore. Dark rooms have a relaxed mellow atmosphere. They are quiet and calm, with a secretive or reclusive sensibility. Here we offer a selection of dark rooms with Reflecting Design convex mirrors. Convex mirrors add an element of magic to these rooms, or level of sophistication.

If you have a Reflecting Design convex mirror and a dark room, send us a photo. We would love to include it.

Interior Design by Rue Verte – Copenhagen

Oslo Norway Eske Interiors

Interior Design by Suszi Saunders

Three Dorians in Black Grain

Interior Design by Abigail Ahern – London

“Dark interiors just look and feel more interesting, and wrap you up in sophistication,” she says. “Many people worry that darkcolours may appear depressing. I happen to think they are calming, super-relaxing and make you feel snuggled and cocooned.” – Abigail Ahern


Interior Design by Arzu Kartal – Hamburg

Interior Design by Caroline Cobbold


Decorating with dark paint doesn’t mean you’ll end up with a room of Stygian gloom. In fact the very opposite. Used properly drama and atmosphere await. – House and Garden


Interior Design by Arzu Kartal – Hamburg Germany



Dan’s House – London England


“They lived happily ever after”… you know why this is the end of movies and not a start… because it is boring.
Dark has its own glamour, everyone likes to know something which is unknown, unusual, different, a mystery. – Vimal Shah




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