Arcavia | 39 inch diameter | Decorative Convex & Flat Mirror

Arcavia 39
Decorative Convex Mirror
Description and Specifications


Now For Something Completely Different

ARCAVIA. By design, there are mirrors that are nothing new, there are mirrors that pretend to be something new, and then there are mirrors that are actually new; this is ARCAVIA. A new mirror from designer Matthew Buck. One of two new designs now available through Reflecting Design.

Antique Brass


Black Rust


The design concept for Arcavia, and Stella, is inspired by jewelry design. Diamonds, emeralds, rubies and other precious gemstones are faceted to gather and reflect light. Arcavia and Stella apply a similar technique. The base form is faceted and modeled to produce a unique design, one which wonderfully reflects light. Arcavia has 147 surfaces. From all angles a rich impressionistic light-play results. As an interior design piece Arcavia stands out with style and design.

Arcavia is offered initially in three finishes. Two antiqued metalics – Antique Brass and Gunmetal, and one paint – Black Rust. Metalics compliment the faceted geometry creating light play. Antiquing offsets the modern creating a more sophisticated subdued piece; modern transitions to contemporary. The Black Rust finish accents the ridges and lines of the design detailing and embellishing the design.

Arcavia. Original wall art.


Made in Canada and the United States

Antique Brass, Gunmetal, Black Rust
All frame finishes are done by hand. Slight variations in the finish from the photos should be expected.

Standard Convex Mirror, Beveled Flat Mirror
Antiqued Mirror is a hand finished effect. Variation in the finish should be expected.

Style: Transitional
Frame Diameter : 39 in. | 99 cm.
Frame Height (back to front) : 3 1/4 in. | 8.2 cm.
Mirror Diameter (visible) : 27 5/8 in. | 70.2 cm.
Flat Mirror: 5 mm thick mirror with approx 20 cm bevel

Weight on wall: XX lbs | XX kgs
Hanging Method : Convex Mirror – 40 lbs soft strand wire.
Hanging Method : Flat mirror – French cleat (installed)
Wallside Hardware : Convex Mirror – buyer supplies
Wallside Hardware : Flat Mirror – French cleat wall side bracket supplied.

See: Colour / Care for installation advice.

Ships with hanging instructions.
Cleaning: ships with cleaning kit (convex mirror only)
Box Size : 41 7/8 x 41 7/8 x 5 7/8 in. | 106.3 x 106.3 x 14.9 cm.
Boxed Weight : XX lbs | XX kgs


The Convex Mirror
All Reflecting Design convex mirrors use acrylic to create the convex mirror lens. Acrylic provides for a more consistent geometry. Consistent geometry means an even proportional scaling without any of the stretching or distortion one commonly sees in glass convex mirrors. Acrylic also allows for greater variability in the geometry which means Reflecting Design can maximize the height of the curve for an optimal visual experience.

The Antiqued Convex Mirror (coming soon)
Antiquing mirror is an art form. Before a protective coating is laid over the back of the mirror the silver agent is attacked carefully and artistically with an acid. The silver agent is etched. The mirror is then sealed for protection. The mirror is cleaned and care for a with all our convex mirrors.

Convex Mirror Care
Do not clean our convex mirror with glass cleaners. All Reflecting Design mirrors ship with a dedicated cleaning kit. The kit is cleaning solution, a microfibre cloth and instructions. These components are commonly available through hardware stores, plastic supply shops or through Reflecting Design. Care for your mirror and it will last a lifetime.

Flat Mirror
Beveled mirrors have edges that are cut at a slight angle to the normal surface. The bevel creates a beautifully natural framed edge to the mirror. It creates a finished look that augments the design. The mirror is a robust 5 mm thick glass mirror. A 25 mm bevel edge is cut and polished. Approximately 9 mm is unseen behind the frame, 16 mm is visible.