Lola | 46 inch diameter | Decorative Convex Mirror

Lola 46
Decorative Convex Mirror
Description and Specifications


“A Tap of Two On The Teeth”

LOLA in form is like a cup widening as it extends forward, which then sweeps back on the outside. The effect is a mirror design that pulls one in; a friendly invitation to enjoy a magical convex mirror atmosphere. French curves billow forward ending in a soft lip, the outside tucks back in bold faces. Look at the sketch to see how this frame is designed so beautifully.

The style of Lola is transitional. Transitional in interior design suggests the use of traditional motifs interpreted to produce a contemporary piece. Lola is not ornate like a traditional frame but not as severely basic as a modern piece. The result is a design classic, timeless, and clean.

Odlum Entrance represents all statement mirrors in the collection by Reflecting Design. These mirrors convey first a love for the convex mirror atmosphere – they all have large convex mirrors. Next, as large frames, they have an undeniable presence. This physical presence is further supported by the irrepressible spirit of the circle. A circle is a universal symbol with many meanings. It is a feminine maternal symbol, a symbol of the infinite, the cycle of life, a symbol of potential. It has a peaceful presence. As an interior design element the circle, and the mirror, centers the whole.


Made in Canada and the United States

Antique Gold | Black Grain | Bone White | Pewter
All finishes other than Bone White use brush techniques. Slight variations in the finish should be expected. Satin topcoat.

Standard Convex Mirror
No flat mirror option

Style: Transitional
Frame Diameter : 46 in. | 117 cm.
Frame Height (back to front) : 5 1/2 in. | 14 cm.
Mirror Diameter (visible) : 35 in. | 89 cm.
Weight on wall: 26 lbs | 11.7 kgs
Hanging Method : 40 lb / 18 kg soft strand wire
Wallside Hardware : Buyer supplies

See: Colour / Care for installation advice.

Ships with hanging instructions.
Cleaning: ships with cleaning kit (convex mirror only)
Box Size : 50 x 50 x 10 in. | 127 x 127 x 27 cm.
Boxed Weight : 36 lbs | 16.3 kgs


The Convex Mirror
All Reflecting Design convex mirrors use acrylic to create the convex mirror lens. Acrylic provides for a more consistent geometry. Consistent geometry means an even proportional scaling without any of the stretching or distortion one commonly sees in glass convex mirrors. Acrylic also allows for greater variability in the geometry which means Reflecting Design can maximize the height of the curve for an optimal visual experience.

Convex Mirror Care
Do not clean our convex mirror with glass cleaners. All Reflecting Design mirrors ship with a dedicated cleaning kit. The kit is cleaning solution, a microfibre cloth and instructions. These components are commonly available through hardware stores, plastic supply shops or directly through Reflecting Design. Care for your mirror and it will last a lifetime.

Flat Mirror
There is no flat mirror option.