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Simon James Bartley | Interior Designer

SJ Design was founded in 1996. It has now established itself as an interior designer of the commercial interiors, specializing in restaurant design. Currently they have completed over 200 successful projects – cafes, restaurants, pubs and clubs, throughout Norway.

In some specific ways convex mirrors work well as a decorative element in restaurants. First and most significant of these is the ‘responsive’ nature of a convex mirror. In a restaurant most people are seated. A flat mirror on a wall as seen by a diner is usually a frame with an uninteresting reflection of the ceiling. A convex mirror reflection by comparison is a sweeping panorama of the room, all the design effort, all the ambiance captured. The mirror creates a relationship between the diner and milieu.


Restaurant: Kolonialen Oslo


Eske Design is a furniture and accessory shop in Oslo, the creation of Karina Holmen. Reflecting Design met Holmen at Maison et Objects, Paris and from there Eske became a Reflecting Design outlet. This is the connection with Simon James.

The Bizari Mirror

Simon_James_Bizari_Becks Brasserie_Osebro_Convex_Mirror.jpg

Bar: Becks Brasserie, Tonsberg


Restaurant: Leilighet, Trondheim

Simon_James_Pazzo 38_Leilighet_Restaurant_Trondheim_Convex_Mirror.jpg