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Matthew Charlton | Cruyf Decorative Convex Mirror

I have to say I really enjoy this bathroom. It is impeccably tasteful. It feels like stepping back in time. I do not often see my mirror designs in a more classical setting and I appreciate the touch here. When I conceived the Cruyf  (Croyff) mirror I had a Dutch reformation aesthetic in mind – thick black frames like one sees hanging around a Vermeer. So a traditional design is very fitting. The print on the wall is perfect.

cruyf decorative convex mirror charlton designs washington-2

Matthew Charlton’s style has been described as avant-garde, urban sophisticated, and unconventional, yet his design philosophy is to match his designs to his client’s life experiences, whether the result is traditional, modern, or unexpected.”

cruyf decorative convex mirror charlton designs washington

Charlton Designs
Washington, DC 20037

The Author: Matthew Buck is the creative energy behind Reflecting Design and Odlum Entrance.

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