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Interior Designer Lori Steeves is an Interior Designer based in Vancouver, Canada. The setting shown below is part of a larger redesign of a coastal property including the kitchen and adjacent rooms. Lori used a Pazzo 38 in Flat Black. Pleasing is how well the circular mirror compliments the irregular rock mosaic. Also demonstrated in the picture is how the mirror captures the room at large and in depth. Notice that the mirror captures a floor to ceiling reflection. This panoramic effect is a satisfying attribute of a convex mirror.


Pazzo 38 Flat Black Decorative Convex Mirror Simply Home Inerior Design


“In this expansive seaside home we brought warmth and flow to the large open rooms, while keeping the focus on the stunning coastal views.” – Lori Steeves

The Author: Matthew Buck is the creative energy behind Reflecting Design and Odlum Entrance.

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