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“Large Convex Mirrors” is one thing that separates Reflecting Design from other convex mirror dealers.

There are three mirrors; Lola, Chromo, Rohana, with diameters of approximately 48 inches / 122 centimeters. There are also two smaller mirrors, Pazzo 38 and Bizari which have the presence of a large mirror. Pazzo 38, our largest modern mirror has a mirror lens equal to the largest frames at 35 inches / 89 centimeters.

Here we present above all the Lola mirror. Our other large mirrors are popular however we have not managed to collect as many photographs over the years. Most of our images find us serendipitously; through Instagram, Houzz and other interior design websites. In the UK the preference is for large convex mirrors and many of the images that follow are European homes. Is it a reflection of the historical architecture – 10 foot ceilings, or something else that inspires this popular choice? Our experience is that Europeans are less concerned about crowded mantles or proportion in their interior design. In general I feel this issue – crowding, is over-thought. The point of the large mirror is the ‘wow’ factor. If you like convex mirrors you will love large ones.

There are 26 images in this collection. I apologize for the quality of some of these photos (send me high quality versions please if you recognize yours  here – thanks).

Beyond this page you can also see large convex mirror images in the Menu; Convex Mirror & Flat Mirror | Design-Description-Options-Specifications . This presents our product shots – no room environment, for all our mirrors including the Rohana, Lola, Chromo. You can get pricing in the ‘Shop/ Store’ section or through our many Dealers – contact us for details.

At the bottom of this page are some links to articles about Reflecting Design convex mirrors. Check these out if you are interested in some in depth commentary about large mirrors, convex lens and fireplace mantles.


Frame Diameter : 44 in. | 112 cm.
Frame Height (back to front) : 5.5 in. | 12 cm.
Mirror Diameter (visible) : 34 in. | 86 cm.
Weight on wall : 22 lbs | 10 kgs


Frame Diameter : 46 in. | 117 cm.
Frame Height (back to front) : 5.5 in. | 12 cm.
Mirror Diameter (visible) : 35 in. | 89 cm.
Weight on wall : 25 lbs | 12 kgs


Frame Diameter : 48 in. | 122 cm.
Frame Height (back to front) : 6.25 inches | 15.8 cm.
Mirror Diameter (visible) : 35 in. | 46 cm.
Weight on wall : 10 lbs | kgs