Shop Refund Policy

Customer Service

If you have any questions about a product you are interested in, or any questions about our return policy, please reach out to Reflecting Design, directly at:

Telephone: 778 858 8248 (9:00 am – 19:00 pm, 7 days a week)

We would be happy to answer any questions.

Lead Times (how long it takes us to ship your purchase)

At Reflecting Design our mirrors are hand finished. We are not a large company like Apple so we do not sit here in the comfortable position of having thousands of ready to ship mirrors in stock.

That said, we do create ‘ready to ship’ stock. If the style you are purchasing is ready to ship the lead time will be 2 business days from receiving the order to us handing it onto UPS for delivery.

If your order is not ‘ready to ship’ it means we have to finish the frame colour and install the mirror. Leadtimes in this case are 4 – 7 days depending on the nature of the finish. Antiqued Gold, a leafed finish, takes 7 days to complete.

When you place an order with Reflecting Design we communicate an acknowledgement of your order by way of an emailed Order Confirmation. The confirmation indicates the lead time. If you decide this is too long you have the option of cancelling your order by sending us an email indicating as much. Your order is processed by the credit card processor called Stripe. We have the ability to refund your credit card directly through the same proicess and will do so immediately.

Shipping Rates and Delivery Times

What We Charge

Our Shipping Rates are incentivised, meaning they do not reflect what we actually pay for shipping. We understand the nature of E-Commerce and the importance of reasonable shipping charges. Our products are not small like T-Shirts and many other popular products. The check-out process calculates all shipping based on the UPS Zone system. We hope you will agree that we are being reasonable in these charges. All shipping charges are disclosed upfront. Please refer to our Shipping Chart for an overview of the rates.

Delivery Times

North America is vast. UPS estimates our longest transit route, Vancouver to Miami, at 6-7 business days (add 2 days for the weekend). Once we have delivered our products to UPS we are in their hands for reliability. We cannot guarantee arrival times on Standard shipments. We can provide more accurate delivery times through Air Service. If you have any deadlines for your purchase – a birthday, an installation, an event, please let us know so we can communicate directly to you our ability to meet your objectives. We have a lot of experience shipping.

We are based in Vancouver Canada. We use UPS Ground Service (Standard) as our preferred shipping method for most products. Two of our products; Lola and Chromo, ship in boxes 51 x 51 x 11 inches. We will use a regular skid based trucking system like Canadian Freightways, YLT or Pitt Ohio for example, on large packages containing glass. Other option of course are available and these need to be dealt with on a one to one basis. Contact us if you want us to ship by Air Service. Again, we are always upfront in our communications. The Order Confirmation document outlines our intentions in this regard.

Countries We Ship To

Through our E-Commerce store we ship to Canada and the United States. Reflecting Design sells and ships mirrors all over the world. We have experience shipping by ground and air to, Australia, New Zealand, the Phillipines, Panama, Peru, Chile, Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore. Through our UK based business we can ship to any country in Europe. If you are in any country outside of Canada and the United States you should contact us directly at: , if you want to purchase a mirror.

Does Someone Need To Be Home To Sign for a Shipment

If you indicate to us that no signature is required our carriers will leave shipments per your instructions – a front porch for example. This is done at your risk. Obviously some neighborhoods are completely safe, others required greater care. Our Order Confirmation process will detail this decision.

Out of Stock Products

We do not sell Out of Stock products through our E-Commerce shop. If you want something out of stock please email us directly for ordering information. We are completely accessible through our Customer Service email and telephone as stated previously. As mentioned, Reflecting Design is a small company. All your enquiries and communications are handled by the company owner Matthew Buck. There is no Customer Service team standing between you and the business – just the owner.


We take full responsibility for the safe delivery of our products. If your shipment arrives broken, it is our problem, not yours. Of course we ask for your cooperation in the events as we will make a claim against UPS. UPS are not equitable in these dealings but they will adjust for the lost shipping charge.

We will replace damaged items. In this regard it is very important that we work together holding UPS and other carriers to the highest service standards. In our ten years in business, having shipped thousands of products, we have had a handful of damaged products. We are very confident in this process.

If your purchase arrives in a box that looks beaten or shows clear evidence of abuse – cuts, tears or punctures to the box, please check the product before signing with UPS. Please express all concerns directly to UPS as it helps us in any complaints following.

We guarantee the safe delivery of your purchase. We do not insure our shipments as such unless a large quantity is purchased, as in a hotel or hospitality setting. We replace all damaged product

Returns and Refunds


We accept returns.

We will refund under the following provisions.

  1. The product is returned to us in the same packaging it was delivered to you.
  2. The product was repackaged and taped up for a safe return.
  3. When we have received the product and it is clear to us that you have returned our product in a manner as described in 1 & 2.
  4. When our product is damaged, or not.
  5. When return intentions are communicated to us through email or telephone within 24 hours from the delivery timestamp created through UPS. (see our Customer Service contact information)

Please note we will not ship other colour variations to you in return. If you have concerns like this we would ask that you procure your mirror through a local store front.


We have absolute confidence in our product line. We have never been told our product is inferior, badly made or badly designed. We have sold our mirrors happily to clients across the world. We are as certain as can be that you will like your purchase. Consequently we stand behind our product 100%. We are not interested in hassles and discord so we aim to resolve any problems you have happily. That is our guarantee.

We will refund any returns received respectful of our Return criteria.

Damaged Product is not Refunded but Replace.

Refunds on product not wanted or as an expression of buyers remorse will be refunded at 100% of the product price minus 75% of the shipping cost there and return.


Product $ 100.00

Shipping (to you) $ 15.00

Shipping (return $ 15.00

Refund $ 107.50

– all shipping will be arranged by Reflecting Design

Why do We Charge – Casual Purchasing

We charge 75% of the shipping cost as a deterrent against casual purchasing – purchases made with no real interest on the basis that there are no consequences to the purchaser. We do not charge full shipping on orders. We offer below cost shipping as an incentive. We charge 75% on ‘casual purchasing’ or ‘buyer remorse’ refunds as this reflects a truer shipping cost.

If you think there is a reasonable argument to be made for your return outside of our policy please let us know. We are looking for expeditious and harmonious resolutions to any problems. Not discord and conflicts.

Import / Export Considerations

Our products ship from Vancouver Canada.

United States

We are not required to collect/charge taxes on purchases destined for the United States.


We are required to tax purchase destined to Canada according to the rates applicable to the ship to address.


We do not share your personal information with anyone. Our business is mirrors, not data mining. Your credit card information is safe-guarded through the Stripe credit card processing technology. Their policy can be inspected through:

“Stripe does not sell or rent Personal Data to marketers or unaffiliated third parties. We share Your Personal Data with trusted third parties, including:” – Stripe

We hope this infromation confirms that you are in good hands at Reflecting Design. If you have any specific concerns please contact us through our Customer Care contacts.