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Corinth – Decorative Convex Mirror

Corinth Decorative Convex Mirror in Bone White

A History Corinth is a 33 inch diameter decorative convex mirror designed in house by Matthew Buck. It was the first design created in the development of my convex mirror line. It was an auspicious start. It is an exemplary

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Narcissus and Large Round Mirrors

In Greek literature Narcissus was known for his beauty. He was attracted to the pool where he saw his own mirror image in the water and fell in love with it. Unable to leave the beauty of his reflection, he stared at it until he died. What did Narcissus really fall in love with? His beauty or his identity? The story suggests he did not live with a mirror. Perhaps his love grew from the knowledge of his own identity. He had effectively found himself.

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Oxford White at Reflecting Design

Reflecting Design and Odlum Entrance are updating their white frame colours. The change is in fact the addition of Oxford White to the standard colour palette. The white colours now available are: Bone White : see Benjamin Moore OC-114, Lemon

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Why Choose A Convex Mirror For A Fireplace Mantle?

Why Convex Is Best above a Mantle. In it many forms a mantlepiece creates an architectural focal point in a room. Mantles set the stage for what comes above. They break a wall span, producing a frame for something significant.

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Why Mirror Frame Design Nose-dived.

You have probably noticed that most grand mirror and picture frames are old – generally. You usually find them wrapped around art in museums. Back in time everything was made by hand and crafts-people were everywhere. Designers and crafts-people liked

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Jewel Box Dining Room Gold

Two 24 inch Dorian Decorative Convex Mirrors are specified here by Interior Designer Amanda Wise. The ambiance is exotic and rich. Wise is a Philadelphia based designer with numerous IDA awards to her credit. The design is redolent of a

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Dutch Beauty in a Mirror

A new photo set. Cruyf 29. We have had this mirror frame for a long time, however, it is only recently that we have managed to produce a satisfying set of pictures. The Cruyf is inspired by Dutch frame design

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Matthew Charlton – Interior Designer – Bathroom Redesign

Matthew Charlton | Cruyf Decorative Convex Mirror I have to say I really enjoy this bathroom. It is impeccably tasteful. It feels like stepping back in time. I do not often see my mirror designs in a more classical setting

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