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ILYRIAN – April 2018 SALE

image of Ilyrian convex mirror in all colours options; Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White., Pewter

Ilyrian Decorative Convex Mirror On Sale Until April 26 Stock Limited – Colours Available – Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White, Pewter   CONTACT US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS VISIT OUR SHOP    

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Lens House London

Lens House London Shortlisted for the 2014 Manser Medal is this conversion of a derelict nineteenth century house in north London. A home, a workspace, when it came time to decorating the client specified a 40 inch Bizari mirror. Here

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Bathroom Mirrors

It is well known Reflecting Design loves convex mirrors. What is less well know is that the mirror frame collection designed by Matthew Buck is available with a flat mirror option. Flat mirror provides the kind of practicality one wants

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Azure and Bone White Convex

BIZARI 40 in Bone White The Bizari 40 inch Decorative Convex Mirror is used in this mid-century building overlooking downtown Tulsa. Crys Olig and Nicole Maier principles at Threshold Goods and Design are based in San Francisco, The style is

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How Convex Mirrors Compare to Flat Mirrors

LETS COMPARE A CONVEX MIRROR TO A FLAT MIRROR While I certainly appreciate the flat mirror frame design pictured here there is quite a difference in the mirror reflection and in the circumstances the convex mirror wins hands down. i

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