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Reflecting Design Marie Kondo Interior Design

Marie Kondo – Is She Relevant To Interior Design?   Given the popularity of Marie Kondo and her bestselling book about ‘tidying’ and ‘de-cluttering’; The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up, one might wonder, is there a takeaway here for furniture,

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41 (Inspiring) Mirrors for Interior Design

Interior design ideas are the core of our business. Reflecting Design works with many Interior Design professionals. Busy as they are, we do not always see the great images they produce for their own portfolios. Sadly for us, we learn

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Overwhelmingly White

Why is white the wall colour of choice in so much residential interior design? What does this say about women assuming reasonably they are the prime-movers in these decisions. Working alone, or together with their interior designer, a sector where over 65% are women, white walls dominate. Why?

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