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41 (Inspiring) Mirrors for Interior Design

Interior design ideas are the core of our business. Reflecting Design works with many Interior Design professionals. Busy as they are, we do not always see the great images they produce for their own portfolios. Sadly for us, we learn

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Interior Designer Simon James Bartley and Convex

Simon James Bartley | Interior Designer SJ Design was founded in 1996. It has now established itself as an interior designer of the commercial interiors, specializing in restaurant design. Currently they have completed over 200 successful projects – cafes, restaurants,

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Why Acrylic Convex Mirrors Are Better Than Glass

A distorted convex mirror reflection is no fun. This kind of distortion can be chasing along the perimeter, stretching of the x,y geometry or otherwise the look of an inconsistent geometry – flatter in the center than the edge. It

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More on.. How To Select A Large Convex Mirror

Exhibit #1: HOW TO SELECT A LARGE MIRROR Wonderful! A large Lola Convex Mirror. Perfect size for the space. The statement residential mirrors – Lola, Chromo, Rohana. You can see how even at an oblique angle the convex mirror is

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How Large Too Large – Mirrors

This interior is by interior designer Ty Larkings . The thing I really like about Ty’s use of the Lola convex mirror in Black Grain finish is that he fearlessly selected a big mirror for the space. Fearlessly as perhaps

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Designer Tara Bernerd Uses Convex Mirrors

Tara Bernerd Instagram Reflecting Design Instagram

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Tara Bernerd’s Latest Design

Thompson Hotels and Gettys teamed up with UK based Tara Bernerd for Thompson Chicago hotel. Tara Bernerd uses the Lola 48 from Reflecting Design in two places, the main lobby lounge and the restaurant Nico Osteria. The lobby mirror has

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Featured in ‘Livingetc’ Interior Design Magazine

Reflecting Design’s Lola Mirror features on the cover of Livingetc’s February edition in an article about adding ‘Punch to Greys’. See some ineas about how to style in white without requiring sunglasses indoors. A thoughtful juxtaposition between the ubiquitous white

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Caroline Cobbold’s Latest Work With Our Mirrors

In this Private Residence in London England, “Antique furniture sits alongside contemporary pieces, merging modern with vintage…” Here Caroline Cobbold uses a Lola 46 decorative convex mirror in Harvest Bronze finish. In her owns words, “ (she) prefers to layer

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Designers Milward Teverini Specify Convex Mirrors

“The brief was to create a light and airy feeling.” Andrea Milward and Alison Teverini – Milward Teverini, create unique interiors that are luxurious, glamorous and timeless. Here they used a Lola decorative convex mirror in Black Grain finish to

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Designer Jane Price-Stephens Specifies Convex Mirrors

Jane Price-Stephens is an award winning interior designer located in South West London. Here Jane used the 40 inch Bizari mirror in Black Grain finish. While the finish looks simply black to the eye it has nonetheless a brushed texture.

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Hamburg Designer Arzu Kartal Endorses Convex

Interior Designer Arzu Kartal based in Hamburg Germany used our mirror Lolaa Black Grain and Dorian Pewter in her projects. Contact Arzu Kartal Hamburg 0177 / 29 73 884 Arzu Kartal Website

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Daniel Hopwood UK and Convex Mirrors

  “A late Georgian house is always a temptation and this one managed to draw Studio Hopwood all the way across town. On three floors with high ceilings and nicely proportioned rooms, so no case of having to turn a

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Christine Roughan – Interior Designer – NYC Townhouse

New York City Townhouse Roughan Interiors create stunning interior design from the East coast. They used the Lola and the Corinth as seen above in this photo. Roughan began her design career with iconic brands Polo Ralph Lauren and Tommy

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Designer Karla Amadatsu Brightens Room

Three interiors by Vancouver based Interior Designer Karla Amadatsu. The first image shows the 29 inch Cruyf in Flat Black, the other two are both Corinths in Black Grain and Bone White respectively. Karla has a clean aesthetic and the

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