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ILYRIAN – April 2018 SALE

image of Ilyrian convex mirror in all colours options; Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White., Pewter

Ilyrian Decorative Convex Mirror On Sale Until April 26 Stock Limited – Colours Available – Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White, Pewter   CONTACT US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS VISIT OUR SHOP    

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Michelle Morgan Harrison and Convex Mirrors

Reflecting Design has worked with Michelle Morgan Harrison / Morgan Harrison Home on many projects over the years. Here are some serene interiors from Michelle and her team, including interior designers Marcia Noble and Traci Gallagher. There is subtle tonality

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More on.. How To Select A Large Convex Mirror

Exhibit #1: HOW TO SELECT A LARGE MIRROR Wonderful! A large Lola Convex Mirror. Perfect size for the space. The statement residential mirrors – Lola, Chromo, Rohana. You can see how even at an oblique angle the convex mirror is

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How Large Too Large – Mirrors

This interior is by interior designer Ty Larkings . The thing I really like about Ty’s use of the Lola convex mirror in Black Grain finish is that he fearlessly selected a big mirror for the space. Fearlessly as perhaps

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Jewel Box Dining Room Gold

Two 24 inch Dorian Decorative Convex Mirrors are specified here by Interior Designer Amanda Wise. The ambiance is exotic and rich. Wise is a Philadelphia based designer with numerous IDA awards to her credit. The design is redolent of a

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Azure and Bone White Convex

BIZARI 40 in Bone White The Bizari 40 inch Decorative Convex Mirror is used in this mid-century building overlooking downtown Tulsa. Crys Olig and Nicole Maier principles at Threshold Goods and Design are based in San Francisco, The style is

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Back Light Mirror Ideas

Reflecting Design is introducing an LED Back Lighting kit. The look is an atmospheric solar eclipse, creating an unparalelled evening ambiance on the wall. Too cool for words. The kit is a dimmable. Compatible with PAZZO 38, Rohana, Loloa and

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Introducing Flat Mirrors

Going Flat… Reflecting Design is pleased to announce that we are now offering a flat mirror option with all our frame designs. There has been demand from our clients wanting flat mirrors. We have now established a formal supplier who

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The Charm of Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors as decoration are used in interior design to provide a predominantly experiential effect.   “The charm of convex mirrors — and this is only one of many appealing qualities they possess — has got to be their ability

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Designers Milward Teverini Specify Convex Mirrors

“The brief was to create a light and airy feeling.” Andrea Milward and Alison Teverini – Milward Teverini, create unique interiors that are luxurious, glamorous and timeless. Here they used a Lola decorative convex mirror in Black Grain finish to

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