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ILYRIAN – April 2018 SALE

image of Ilyrian convex mirror in all colours options; Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White., Pewter

Ilyrian Decorative Convex Mirror On Sale Until April 26 Stock Limited – Colours Available – Antique Gold, Black Grain, Bone White, Pewter   CONTACT US WITH YOUR QUESTIONS VISIT OUR SHOP    

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Mirrors and Mantles

19 Fireplace Mantle Mirror Options. Look at this Gallery if you are looking something to put over your fireplace mantle. Convex or Flat. That is the question?

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Why Choose A Convex Mirror For A Fireplace Mantle?

Why Convex Is Best above a Mantle. In it many forms a mantlepiece creates an architectural focal point in a room. Mantles set the stage for what comes above. They break a wall span, producing a frame for something significant.

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Michelle Morgan Harrison and Convex Mirrors

Reflecting Design has worked with Michelle Morgan Harrison / Morgan Harrison Home on many projects over the years. Here are some serene interiors from Michelle and her team, including interior designers Marcia Noble and Traci Gallagher. There is subtle tonality

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Corinth Convex Mirror | Anne Hathaway | Needs Surveillance

In Style Magazine. Anne Hathaway styling in promo for 2008 film ‘Get Smart’ with Bone White Corinth convex mirror. The story has it that convex mirrors featured in 19th century dining rooms as a way the Butler could keep an

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